How we work


A Strong Relationship

The first thing we like to do, is to build a strong effective relationship with our clients. To create trust, we'll keep you up to date on the project status. Our designers will regularly communicate with you throughout the project and we'll always keep you well informed on the design and construction so we can focus on what you really want.


Our expert designers create a concept of what the clients want and how they want it. Whether a big or small project, we offer Interior design, Color selections, Material selections, Space planning, and everything clients need to design what they want built. We'll sit down with you to discuss your ideas, budget, and once we've taken a look at your needs, preferences and lifestyle, we'll give you a design and construction plan and the relevant permit requirements.



Once the design plans are developed, we'll start the construction plan: construction drawings, the appropriate permits needed, any issues involving design or construction. We'll set up a detailed schedule and costs for the project and start the construction. We will keep in regular contact with you to inform you of any issues and to ensure that all of the details are relayed.


Once the construction is completed as scheduled. We’ll arrange a visit with you to do a walk-through to review all the details together. Because it’s our mission to listen and address your preferences or concerns along the way, this encounter just ensures that all the little jobs are cleaned up and you are 100% ecstatic with the work. And if there's any issues after the project, we're always available to help.